TY Roundup .

A long overdue roundup of Transition Year activities since the start of the year .These students have one of the busiest programs of any in the school under the guidance of TY Coordinator , Margaret Nolan .

Amongst their many , many activities have been the traditional kick off to their year the trip to Killary Outdoor Pursuits Centre where they are challenged physically and mentally with many team building activities including hikes . Much of what they get up to looks , cold , wet , dangerous , terrifying or all four!!!!

‘Bog Wars’ adventure race would have seen the town’s washing machines once more under strain .


A Science show on a very wet day in D.I.T Kevin Street saw a female employee of a superglue company being hung upside down by her boots which had been stuck to a sheet of wood .One of our boys was invited on stage to have a closer look .

There was a series of debating events initially to pick a team who were then unleashed to compete ‘in anger’ .Luke McCloskey was nominated as one of the best speakers at his very first competition (Laois Interschools ) .

Another trip to Dublin took in the Irish Museum of Modern At and Collins Barracks Museum along with the Courts of Crimnal Justice .

There was a workshop on the themes of mental health and rape as well as gender equality .

Psycho Spaghetti was an acting workshop / show .

Once again the use of electronic ‘dolls’ gave the students a realistic insight into the world of new parenthood in the Baby Think It Over program

A quiz and coffee morning were also held .

Drive for Life is a road safety workshop facilitated by the Gardai while the TYs also attended a safety road show at Punchestown .

Junk Couture is an initiative to use rubbish and recycled material to create artworks .

Chicks were also hatched with 5 out of 7 eggs proving succesful(More about this elsewhere on site)

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