Business Department News

Business Department News

It has been a busy year for students as in addition to their regular classwork, a number of students of Business, Economics and Accounting were also involved in extra activities.
1)Colaiste Iosagain Credit Union

Following on from an informative visit from the the local branch manager Michael McEvoy and Fiona Dunne the schools officer, interviews were held in December and a Colaiste Iosagain Credit union Management Committee was set up. The aim was to encourage students to save regularly and build up a relationship with their local credit union. This would make it easier to apply for financial help when going to college in the future.
Branch Manager Sharon ONeill
Assistant Branch Manager Elizabeth Taiwo

Finance Team Leader Aisling Whooley
Membership Team Leader Sean Burbage Committee Members
John Caher
Mary Jibona
Sarah-Jayne Cunningham
Alison Bryan
Laura Tinkler
Quote “we really enjoyed taking responsibility for a project in the school and interacting with the first years. It was great to get to know the people in our year and it helped with teambuilding” Sean

It was rolled out to first years and students who already had an account from primary school were encouraged to continue. A number of new accounts were opened. The committee are holding a competition at the moment for all students who took part. Random savers will be picked for spot prizes. It is not how much people save that is being rewarded but the fact that people are saving regularly. “It benefitted us as we went on a training session and learned a lot about how credit unions run. One student even arranged work experience and it benefitted the credit union who were very happy with the opportunity to get their message out to students” Sarah-Jayne It is hoped that next years 5 th Years will continue and it was great to get it up and running and have so much involvement with Portarlington Credit Union

2)Young Economist of the Year 2016

Five fifth year economics students, Adam Conway, Katie Dumpleton, OdhranWhelehan, Andrea Grattan and Jack Ryan with the help of their teacher, Ms Heffernan, entered this year’s Young Economist of The Year competition. Thecompetition is now in its fourth year and aims to encourage students to apply their knowledge of economics to everyday life. They came up with a number of ideas including ones focusing on the refugee crisis and the high dependency on or even addiction of young people to mobile phones. In the end however, they decided on the controversial topic of “The Economics of Prostitution”. Their aim was to show that economics can be applied to just about anything. The Colaiste Iosagain team produced, directed and acted in a highly entertaining “Bloomberg” style video investigating the topic. The students analysed the potential benefits to a country’s economy such as that of The Netherlands while also considering the social costs of the exploitation of vulnerable young people and human trafficking. They also considered where the economics fitted in with to the teachings of economists such as Karl Marx and Adam Smith. Furthermore, they conducted their own survey which proved to have somewhat surprising and interesting results. So interesting that the students were delighted to learn that of the 300 entries to the contest, they were among those shortlisted in the top 10% and were therefore invited to attend the awards ceremony in the City West Hotel, Dublin. On the morning of Monday, the 14th of March, the five students along with their teacher Ms.Heffernan and many of their economics class mates made their way to the awards ceremony in The City West Hotel, Dublin. As they were shortlisted, the students were given the opportunity to present their project on a poster which could be viewed by the near 1,000 people in attendance. Huge congratulations to the five students and their teacher Ms. Heffernan on this fantastic project!! The video is available to view on the PDST Economics Website

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