Great Buzz Amongst First Years at Spelling Bee

The inaugural First Year Spelling Bee took place this morning .Ms. Sugrue called out the words to be spelled while Mr. Booth called up the students and gave them their instructions .
The students listened attentively and respectfully to their classmates throughout the event and offered enthusiastic support vocally at the end of each round and with colourful banners throughout the three rounds .(Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Walsh can be seen taking pictures of some of the amazing artwork/banners being waved by supporters .)

Overall winner was Steffi Lawlor

Conor Brooke, Saoirse O’Connor and Cian Connaughton

Jennifer Cunningham, David Carthy, PJ Ward

Laura Murphy, Steffi Lawlor, Ciara Faherty



Principal , Mr. Bennett presenting overall category winners with their prizes.

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