Green Schools Roundup

It has been an eventful year for the Green Schools Team at Coláiste Íosagáin as they set out on year one of their two-year plan to achieve the green flag for Transport.
The team started their campaign with a visit from Transport Officer Mieke Scholte to the school. She met students, staff, parents and the Board of Management to impress on them the importance of adapting sustainable modes of transport for a cleaner community and healthier lifestyles.
It wasn’t long before teachers were getting on board, carpooling (see other article) and student bikes were being uncovered in sheds to make the journey to school. Following our initial whole school survey, we could see improvements being made.
The Big Travel Challenge held nationally in February brought a new urgency to our campaign. The Committee decided they wanted to improve the number of students walking to school (94 in September 2015). The Committee used the intercom, their Facebook page, local newspapers and the Love Port page to encourage everyone to get on board. The walkers were monitored over a ten-day period and it was important they showed change.

Challenge Days Results
Day 1 210
Day 5 320
Day 10 554

The results were overwhelming. On Friday the 25th of February 2016 554 students took part in the inaugural Funky Friday Feet. Designated drop off points were set up for usual car goers and friends took to the footpaths to walk to school. Walkers were easily recognised as they were suited and booted in funky socks and shoes. Teachers too showed their support and combined 113km between them by running from local townlands, the M7 junction 14 and even Portlaoise.

Proud of what they had achieved the Committee put their action project forward for the Big Travel Challenge. When the call came in April to say they had been short listed they were overjoyed. On Thursday the 28th the lucky Committee representatives travelled to an Awards Ceremony in Dublin where they displayed their work. One of eight shortlisted schools, they and their hard work was awarded as they were announced TRAVEL SCHOOL OF THE YEAR 2016.
This could not have been possible without the support of local organisations, shops (Aldi, Centra, Lidl and SuperValu), parents, guardians, school management, staff and most importantly the students.
Our success is testimony to what we can achieve working together and we must build on it. Remember if we take care of the earth, it will take care of you!

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