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TY Mini Company

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Turkeys and Cows.

This year Mr. Mitchell’s TY Mini Company has decided to buy 28 turkeys and 2 cows. We are a class of 28. To cover all costs that may arise we each put in a share of €40 with hope of getting it back plus profit by the end of the year. In preparation for the turkeys our class built a turkey house with the help of Mr. King and Mr. O’Donnell. There will be a live auction near Christmas to sell our turkeys, which we have all named. We have free range turkeys that we bring for walks onto the grass every day, they get to roam around and pick grass out in the field as turkeys should do. Our class designed a feeding rota for the turkeys and cows. We have been split into groups of three and each group is on for one week, this includes the weekends. It is hard work, but enjoyable and we all must commit to it every morning and evening. During the week that we are on the rota we feed, water and bed them in the morning before school and at the end of school. We also come in during the weekends. Twice a week we clean out their house and put in fresh straw every day. We realise that with farming it’s a seven day a week job and twenty-four hours a day. This is a real life mini-company and we are busy and active all the time. We are all on different committees like accounts, publicity, purchasing etc. It is very enjoyable as some students never saw a turkey before. All the school are fascinated by the turkeys and they have blended in well as almost 1000 students and 70 teachers walk by them every day. We have increased the population of the school.
In Mr. Mitchells mini-company class we are extremely busy and always on the go planning and caring for the Turkeys. We are currently putting together plans for our live turkey auction in the canteen in December, where we hope to have a big local crowd to come support us. We plan to give some of the money that we raise to a local charity. We will be doing the whole process of leaving the Turkey’s oven ready when they are purchased with the supervision of Mr. Mitchell and Mr O’ Donnell. All students in the class have named a turkey and are doing a profile on each turkey with the weight of the Turkey for the day of the auction. One of the Turkeys is called “Enda Kenny” as he is the clown of the bunch, always joking, ordering turkeys around and one of the most hated turkeys in the group. Another one is called “Ciaran Kilkenny” as he is an animal, he loves running around, he’s on a strict vegan diet of barley and wheat, and he shows great sportsmanship to his fellow turkeys on the mini-company team. Students from An Cuan, our autistic unit, are helping to feed the turkeys and are really enjoying participating in this project.
We hope to go to the mart on the week of the 7th of November to buy 2 heifers with Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Bracken. We have researched different breeds and prices for the heifers on done deal and we hope to buy them locally. We are planning to fence off paddocks in the back field behind our school for our heifers. At the end of the year we will be selling off the heifers to make a profit for our hard working mini-company. We also have a rota for feeding and caring for the heifers which will also be for one week including the weekends. We will be feeding the heifer’s meal and hay daily. There has been talk of building a shelter for the heifers during the winter months. Mr. Mitchell will be purchasing the heifers using his herd number as he is already a part time farmer and knows his cows better than Mr. Booth knows his grammar.

Sarah Walsh

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