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Welcome to Coláiste Íosagáin for the coming year. We have taken time to issue you with this important informative letter and would appreciate if the following was read and given due attention. We accept that the holidays are a time for some freedom and you as parents/guardian may allow your son/daughter certain latitude, however we expect that our students will be in full uniform for the coming year. We ask you do not permit your son/daughter to compromise their place here whether by purchasing inappropriate footwear, hair colour, cut or styles, or piercings which are contrary to our code, as sanctions will apply for breaches of same. We would also ask that any tensions that may emerge over the summer would be resolved/diffused and not be brought into our school in September so that a harmonious year may be enjoyed by everyone.
This coming year the school will be monitoring absenteeism, lateness and uniform. Successful monitoring of absenteeism, punctuality and the school uniform requires your full support. The school will continue to operate a texting service which will provide an early warning to you regarding absence and lates.
School Journal – The School Journal will cost €12. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are asked to check the Journal and Homework weekly on a Thursday night and to sign the same, Notes for absences must be recorded in the Journal.
We also ask Parent(s)/Guardian(s) for their co-operation to ensure students are in school at 8.50 am each morning, so they have time to organise their books and be in class on time. Classes will commence at 8.57 am. The roll will be called in the first class. Students will have an opportunity to meet with their class tutor later in the morning. This is a dedicated eight-minute slot which takes place daily and affords the tutor a time to meet with his or her tutor class. This tutor class is an important part of our pastoral care/discipline system.
At the commencement of the first period students will have with them their books for the first three classes.. The above arrangements will only work with your full co-operation. Students who are late for school will be sanctioned. Please note start 8.57 a.m. every morning and finish at 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday Thursday. Finish at 3.20 pm. On Wednesday and finish at 1.20 p.m. on Friday.
Arrangement for Returning to School:-
All students will be registered for the coming year and school costs collected on the following days:- Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th Aug 2018 (9.30 am–12.30pn) (1.30 pm – 3.30pm) (1st Yrs already paid) . You can attend yourself on one of the above days or someone representing you. Receipts will be given. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE REGISTERED ON THEIR RETURN TO SCHOOL – IT MUST BE DONE ON DAYS SCHEDULED AND IN EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES BEFORE THE 24TH OF AUGUST. JOURNALS, INSURANCE ETC CAN NOT BE LEFT UNTIL SCHOOL OPENING DAYS TO BE PURCHASED SO AS TO AVOID CLASS DISRUPTION AND CONGESSION AT MAIN OFFICE.
School Costs are explained as follows:-
1.School Service Charge. Due to the large expense involved in running the school we regretfully have to request a Voluntary Service Charge to supplement Department funding to pay for extra curricular activities, photocopying, postage etc. €50 per pupil or €75 per family of two or more. Receipts will be given and monitoring of payment will take place. While necessary this charge is voluntary.
2.Purchase of a Student Journal: is compulsory at €12 per Journal, if the Journal is lost or defaced (especially graffiti), subsequent Journals cost €20. The Journal is the students’ passport around the school and students are expected to have a passport photograph for the Journal on returning to school.
3.Personal Accident Insurance cover: €13 per pupil (24 hr cover) covers all official school activities or €10per pupil (limited to school day cover only).
4.Lockers: (optional) School Lockers are available to all students in the school. Students need to bring their own padlock. All students pay €20(except 1st Yrs. do not pay deposit of €10), €10 for the rent of the locker and €10 deposit on return of a clean undamaged locker. The school accepts no responsibility for missing property.
5.Mock Exams (Junior & Leaving Cert)payment in late January. The fee is €115 and while the Dept. may pay for state exams (Med Cards), they do not pay for Mocks, so this payment should be factored into your budget from the outset, as while costly they remain worthwhile and are obligatory in our school.
6.TY 2019/20 – Any parent/guardian wishing to consider TY for son/daughter must begin now to factor in budget of €500 as due to significant non-payment of €300 with application fees, the final payment (€200) will now be made before June 2019 to secure a place for September 2019.
7.Photographs – If you DO NOT wish your son/daughter’s photograph to be used in publication, please put in writing to the Principal Mr. S. Bennett.
8.Journals – Please ensure all details on the page ‘My Information’ be completed in full ideally before return but final date for completion is Friday 14th September, 2018. After this reasonable time (a month) no excuses will be accepted and detention will be assigned.

Students Return as Follows:-

1st Year Tuesday 28th August 9.30 – 11.30 pm (1st Yr. Induction)
1st Yrs. will return for timetabled classes on Friday 31st August @ 9.00 am
5th Yr. and LCA 1
2nd Yrs. Wednesday 29th August 9.00 am timetabled class full day (Canteen)
Wednesday 29th August 11.15 am full day
3rd Yr
6th Year and LCA 2 Thursday 30th August 9.00 am (Dining Hall) Full Day
Thursday 30th August 11.15 am (Dining Hall)Full Day
TY Student Friday 31st August 11.15 am
Organise Please organise lunch, lunch money, P.E gear, home economics ingredients etc. the night before to avoid leaving them in reception as it is not feasible or fair in a busy school to expect personal delivery to a student. There is an ORANGE BOX at reception if you wish to leave something for your child – at your own risk.
Booklist: The booklist is currently available on the website colaisteiosagainport.ie
Safety: In the interest of our students’ safety, parent(s)/guardian(s) are requested not to use the entrance gates as a drop off/collection point. Please use the turning area as intended.
Student Parking: Student parking is not available to students on the school grounds, including the bus/car let down area because current facilities were funded for staff and visitors only. Students are not permitted to access their car at lunch time on Health and Safety grounds.
Communication between Home and School: The normal channels of communication will include:-
(a)Students (Home Work Journal for progress, absenteeism, discipline, positive reports).
(b)Parent/Teacher meetings, one per academic year.
(c)Christmas, Mock exams, Summer school exams reports
(d)Management and Staff are willing to meet with Parent(s)/Guardian(s) to discuss any issue concerning their son/daughters’ education or health, only by prior appointment. There is no direct access to classrooms or school corridors. Door stepping is absolutely prohibited.
Our measures for Roll taking and our Journal will improve the quality of communication between home and school. School Uniform: The Coláiste Íosagáin school uniform is available from Colgan’s Portarlington and Arthur’s Court Monasterevin. It is compulsory and failure to comply will incur a sanction. Students not in full uniform will not be allowed leave the premises at lunchtime. All personal items should be clearly labelled.
Our experience has shown that notes in Journals about the uniform becomes an excuse for not wearing the proper uniform. Hence a note will not necessarily prevent a student from receiving a sanction for the uniform.
The Girl’s Uniform consists of:
Navy school jumper with crest.
Grey Shirt/Blouse /Grey Summer Polo Shirt
Chequered school skirt(below the knee) or grey trousers (uniform trousers, girl’s fit).
Black shoes(no runners, boots laced over the ankle, platforms, high heels or non block soles) )Dubes/Deck shoes are acceptable .
Navy or Black knee socks or tights. The Boy’s uniform consists of:
Navy school jumper with crest.
Grey Shirt./Grey Summer Polo Shirt
Grey trousers (no denim, cords or combats).
Black shoes (no runners, sneakers or boots laced over the ankle or non black soles) Dubes/Deck shoes are acceptable .
Shoes are a part of the school uniform and will be strictly enforced.
School Jacket: The Navy School Jacket with crest is the only jacket allowed coming to school, in school, going home from school or representing school on tours or trips.
Uniform items can very easily get misplaced or go missing. It is good practice to place the students name on the inside of all clothing items. It is each individual student’s responsibility to mind the uniform and school materials.
No alteration should be made to the uniform in order to follow any fashion trend.
Excessive make-up is not acceptable in school.
P.E. Uniform: P.E. Uniform is compulsory for all students and consists of a navy polo top with crest and a tracksuit bottom with school name.
Hair : Hair should be clean neat and tidy posing no health and safety risk. Only hair in the natural colour range is acceptable and the following are not permitted:- *Mohican style *Badger style *Shaved head *Shaved head with icons (shapes) *Fade style
The above list is not exhaustive, as hair styles must be deemed appropriate in a school setting by the school authorities.

The school canteen is available for lunch. All 1st Yrs remain on the school premises at lunch time.
Finally we want each of you to get involved positively in your family and community life, we advise that you use social media wisely to say or do something nice, and parents should monitor same. Be kind and look after each other you deserve to be healthy and happy and for the sun to shine all summer long. Enjoy !
Looking forward to the new year.

Seamus Bennett Principal. June 2018



Dear Parents/Guardians,
Supervised evening study will commence on Monday 10th September 2018. The cost is 280 euro per student for the academic year. However, the first instalment of 100 euro is due before Friday 7th September to secure your child’s place. The final instalment of 180 euro will be due by Friday 19th October. All monies must be paid directly to the study co-ordinator and not into the office.
The times of study are as follows
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Session 1 4.15 4.15 3.35 4.15

In-room break 5.20 5.20 4.30 5.20
Session 2 5.30 5.30 4.40 5.30

Finish 6.30 6.30 6.00 6.30

In order for evening study to run effectively with minimum problems, the following are guidelines that students must comply with in order to gain a place;
•Students are advised to have a snack and use the bathroom before study sessions begin as they will not be permitted to leave the study hall while in session.
•Breaks are scheduled for each day. Students will remain in class for this time. It is the student’s responsibility to arrive in study each day with all their books as students will not be permitted to leave the study hall to go to lockers.
•Full school rules and code of behaviour apply during study time. Please see journal as a reference.
•Students will receive a stamp in their journal as a record of attendance. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to check the journal for this stamp each day.
•Should circumstances arise where students need to arrive late to study or leave early, a written note from parent/guardians is required.
•If students are away representing the school in activities or have made an appointment with subject teachers for extra tuition etc. it is the responsibility of the student to inform the study supervisor that they will not be present. Students will be advised of the various options open to them to communicate this information.
•Supervised Study will not be held on the evenings of parent-teacher meetings or staff meetings.
•Positions for supervised study will be offered to sixth and third year students first. Positions are granted on a first come first served basis. Should vacancies occur, they will be offered to other years.
•Unexplained absences may result in the student forfeiting their place in study with no refund of monies paid.
•Payment of first instalment will secure your son/daughters place on a first come, first served basis.

Ms C. Kelly___________
Study Co-Ordinator



Re: Book Subsidy Scheme

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

As you may be aware there is a limited fund available to assist those who may be experiencing some difficulty in purchasing school books for the coming year.

Unless all Parents/Guardians are strictly honest with themselves in this matter, children from homes where there is real hardship will suffer more, as we shall have to limit their allowance for free books. We appeal to you for co-operation in this matter, and ask that if you really cannot afford to pay for the books then kindly write a letter requesting assistance, with your own name and address, naming your child, his/her class. This letter must be posted only, clearly marked B.S.S. on envelope , and received by me no later than the 21ST June 2018. Letters after this date will not be considered as funds will have already been allocated to those who have applied.

For the purposes of the scheme a suitable student may be defined as :-
As a child from a home where genuine hardship exists because of unemployment or job seeker.
Large family with inadequate means.
Single parent family on reduced income.
Other cases of acute hardship.
Proof of the above must be given with application

All information will be treated in strict confidence.
The fact that a book subsidy was received in the past does not automatically entitle him/her to assistance this year.
All applicants will be looked at to see how much we can allocate to each pupil – so it is important to apply in time.
Families that are no longer using Text Books they received under the Books Scheme, are asked to return these books to the school during registration as this will help other families who maybe experiencing hardship.
Vouchers will be issued for Central Stores Portarlington
Monies are limited, it may not be possible to provide for all books required, and we would advise Parent(s)/Guardian(s), where possible to purchase second hand books.
You must provide your son’s/daughter’s name and the class they are going into in September 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Siobhán Higgins
Deputy Principal June 2018

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