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Cycle Against Suicide Project:Christmas Doors .

Cycle Against Suicide  Project:Christmas Doors .

This year at Coláiste Íosagáin has undertaken a special task to spread Christmas joy and the message that it’s okay not to feel okay. This was the school’s project to complete the gears and spread ‘positive vibes, super lives, which is the theme for this year’s project.

First, we had to think of a unique idea to promote mental wellbeing and positivity among students throughout the school. The amber committee brainstormed different ideas that we could make and our final plan was to create Christmas posters to stick on all the doors around the school. Us TY students wrote a list of all the tutor groups so everyone would be included in this activity and we knew how many posters we needed to make. We stuck A3 sheets of white paper together so that they would be compatible with all the different types of doors. We looked online for inspiration on what to draw on the doors. We drew Christmas themed images such as reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, fireplaces with stockings and a few of them even had things including the Grinch! A small group of us were in charge of drawing all of the templates and then we handed them out to the specified tutors. It was up to the tutor classes to work together to decorate and personalize their picture and also add a positive quote. To motivate the classes to make their poster as creative as possible, we made it a competition with prizes such as a pizza party with a movie for the overall winner and 2nd and 3rd place won homework passes.

Over the course of the two weeks, everyone got really involved and some even got competitive…. Not just the students!! The doors were outstanding. You could tell by looking at them that everyone worked really hard to make them stand out. The first prize went to Ms Cribbin’s second year tutor group 2D. They made a tree out of handprints which showed great teamwork. Second prize went to Mr Sheedy’s second years, 2G. They had pictures of all their classmates around the door and finally, third prize went to Mr. Shorthall’s third years, 3G and they made a 3D snowman from plastic cups. Everyone was amazing and very creative. Everyone did their school proud and helped to encourage positivity throughout our students and teachers.

# Positive Vibes Super Lives

It’s OK not to feel OK and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help

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