Green Schools

Green Flag

Visitors to Colaiste Iosagain cannot fail to notice the striking Green Flag flying just inside the school gate launched in 2008.  It represents the culmination of several years of effort on the part of students and staff and in particular the Green Schools Co-ordinator, Ms. Morris

The Green School’s Programme is an initiative to encourage school communities to operate in an environmentally way as possible involving minimising litter levels, maximising recycling and keeping energy usage as low as possible


While we are all aware of the need for savings in fuel bills and greenhouse gas emmissions , it can be quite a chore to turn off the lights everytime when leaving a room or make sure windows and doors are always shut .The actual reduction in gas and electricity running costs can also be relatively hard to detect .All the more amazing so is the fact that Colaiste Iosagain , Portarlington saved in the region of a a third on gas and a quarter on electricity over the last year or two .Most of the credit for this must go to German language teacher , Ms. Morris and her ‘Green Team’ .Having gained the coveted Green Flag for the school after a number of years of hard graft in the area of recycling ,the Green Team must maintain their efforts with an ongoing drive to reduce the schools energy usage .Students and teachers are asked to keep all unnecessary electrical equipment turned off ,pcs must be powered down at day’s end ,if its not too dark only half or even a third of the classrooms’ lights are used,windows and doors are kept shut as much as is practical etc etc . ‘Reminder’ stickers are used where necessary when ‘waste’ is found -a very rare occurence nowadays!

Marcia Plug Costume

The spectacular plug costume made by the Green Team for Halloween .


No not the american rock group !Recently Colaiste Iosagain , Portarlington, following the announcement of massive savings in gas and electricity usage held its first ‘Green Day’ , this was intended to raise the profile of green issues even further .Green Team coordinator , Ms. Morris decided that students would wear green wrist bands to highlight the work of her band of tireless workers.An extra effort was made to reduce energy consumption around the school and the group’s amazing ‘plug’ costume got a second outing after the Halloween fancy dress event , this time with Transition Year student , Nicole Kelly inside instead of Ms. Morris !After the success of this year’s event it is hoped Green Day will become an annual event

Colaiste Iosagain , Portarlington , Green Team members ,(L-R) Brigid Sheerin , Mary O’Donnell ,Nicole Kelly and Sarah Kelly pictured at recent Green Day event

Colaiste Iosagain , Portarlington , Green Team members ,(L-R) Brigid Sheerin , Mary O'Donnell ,Nicole Kelly and Sarah Kelly pictured at recent Green Day event .