Annual School Report 2015/16

Coláiste Íosagáin


Annual Report 2015 / 2016

Mission Statement

Our Vision is guided by the ethos of the Presentation Sisters and the Christian Brothers. The characteristic spirit of the school is based on a Christian education in the Catholic tradition. In Coláíste ĺosagáin we endeavour to provide an education for the whole person, where respect and care for all are central values, enabling each one to achieve their own potential

Board of Management 2015/2016
Present : Philip Lyons (Chairperson), Sr Roisin Gannon, Seamus Bennett (Secretary), Anthony Sheedy, Eileen Fingleton, Helen Eustace, Paula McCusker, Kathleen Bennett, Liam Hogan, and Geraldine Murphy(Recording Secretary)
Student Enrolment 2015/2016
Pupils 923
Boys – 465
Girls – 458
Projected intake September 2016
Based on current primary school enrolments and the capacity of the school for new pupils, the Board decided to accept no more than 210 in First Year 2016/2017. It expects enrolments to exceed 970

Subjects and Programmes offered by the school:

Junior Cycle

Core Subjects: CSPE, English, Geography, History, Irish, Maths, PE, Religion, Science, SPHE.

Students also choose 4subjects from: Art Craft Design, Business Studies, French, German, Home Economics, Materials Technology (Wood), Metalwork, Music, Science, Technical Graphics.

Senior Cycle

Colaiste Iosagain is the only secondary school in the area that offers the full range of Senior Cycle Programmes.

Programmes : Transition Year Option, Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA), Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP), Leaving Certificate Established.

Core Subjects : English, Irish, Maths, PE, Religion

Students also choose 4 from : Accounting, Applied Maths, Agricultural Science Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Construction Studies, Economics, Engineering, French, Geography, German, History, Home Economics, Music, Physics, Design & Communication Graphics (DCG),

School Development Planning
Recent Inspections
a. Maths Inspection The inspection took place on 30th September and October 1st
- report published – January 2015

Click for report at

b. Construction and DCG
The evaluation took place in Jan 2015
Implementation continues and the various recommendations are being carried out.

Posts of Responsibility

Principal: Mr Seamus Bennett

Deputy Principal : Ms Siobhan Higgins

The Programme Co-ordinator is Ms Críona Higgins

Assistant principal: Karen Walsh(acting)

Assistant principal : Magaret Nolan

Assistant principal : Gerardine Murphy

Assistant principal : Marian OBoyle (acting)

Assistant principal : Jimmy Kevin

Assistant principal : Miriam Holland
Special Duties : Marcia Morris
Special Duties : Marie Duffy
Special Duties : Terry Fitzpatrick
Special Duties : Noeleen McCarty
Special Duties : John Heraty
Special Duties : Jackie Murphy
Special Duties : Deirdre Boland
Special Duties : Clare Nolan
Extra Accommodation
A second Autistic unit will open in September. Prefab accommodation will need to be in place to cater for the growing needs. As the school grows two classrooms plus the ASD unit is planned to be in place for September 2016.

Main Extension
The school is disappointed with the delays associated with the new room size change and the move to 1200 pupils. While the changes are welcome the considerable delays pushes back the date for the needed student accommodation.
The Building subcommittee has been busy addressing the changing circumstances of the proposed build during the year.

Policies for Approval

The Board approved the Anti bullying policy but noted that plans should be put in place to have a Vetting Policy and a Data Protection Policy.
- The Board may need to review its Admissions Policy again especially with a second ASD class being formed.

Policies for Review

It is agreed to continue to evaluate our Admissions Policy and look to improve attendance and have good communication with home re same.
First Year Enrolment(2015/2016)
The Board approved 210 entries to first year next year. 190 -195 pupils are expected in first year.
Literacy Numeracy and Differentiation
A literacy Policy was established last year and Differentiation was agreed as the third strand for development.
Exam Results
The Board values the continuing review of State Exam results.

Christmas and Mock Exams
The exams were reviewed and it was decided to change the Christmas exams to exclude 3rd years and 6th years because they will be doing Mock exams at the end of January. However assessment results were available at Christmas

Priority areas and action taken in 2015-2016

Posts of Responsibility
There was a full Post review before Christmas..The main change was that all Year Heads became Assistant Principals. Some duties were lost in the process including Student Council when a post was resigned.
ASD Pupils
A decision was made to introduce a second ASD class for 2016.
Student Leadership
A means of reinstating the Student Council or other student leadership options will need to be looked at.
Year Heads
The school now has a Year head for each Year Group
Curriculum Evaluation
In the context of all classes being no shorter than 40 minutes. Both the 1 hour class option and the 40 minutes class length option was researched. We eventually decided on 40 minutes classes. This necessitated a change from 44 periods per week to 41 periods.

Some challenges were identified including the lack of PE for LCVP pupils. It was felt it would only be possible to provide PE to LCVP pupils if the Tutor class (8 mins/day) was dropped. This was a compromise that we were not prepared to make.
Faith Development

RE Provision/hours taught in each year.
• 3 Classes per week for all classes in RE

Observance of Liturgical Year
• Liturgical always gets first priority in planning of school calendar
• Advent and Lenten Services are held for the whole school
• Ash Wednesday – distribution of ashes
• Nagle / Rice day and Coláíste Iosagain Day
• Whole school mass to mark the beginning of the school year
• Mass of Welcome for First Years and their parents held in the evening.
• Leaving Certificate Graduation Mass in May

Culture of prayer and sacramental life in the school
• We have a very dedicated chaplain ( Fr.Pat Hughes) who assists us with our prayer and services, along with our internal school chaplain, St Maureen.
• There is a special Mass for the opening of the school year, which is attended by all staff and students
• Concern Fast, Operation Christmas Child, Chernobyl Children International
• Catholic Schools Week was celebrated through various activities, prayer services for staff and students, and daily prayers and reflections on the intercom for the whole school.
• Visit by all Third Year students to the Dublin Mosque

Retreats for students/ reflection day for staff
• Offered to all year groups as part of RE Programme
• 5th Year students went on a retreat day this year.

Chaplaincy services
• Chaplaincy office now available in the school
• Local curate offers excellent support and is a frequent visitor

John Paul II Award
• 10 students received awards this year for activities undertaken in the school and the local church (eg Readings, Choir and ministry groups.)
Pastoral Care

1. All Year Groups now have a Year headr.
2. Each Tutor meets with the class every morning at 8.57 am for 8 mins regarding attendance and any issues that may arise.
Positive behaviour
1. Each tutor meets their class every day for roll call and behaviour review.
2. Assemblies of Year Groups were held once per term at least

Chairperson’s Report

The Board of Management would once again like to thank all parties involved for contributing to a very successful and eventful year.

195 applications for admission to First Year were received. The Board’s major priority is to address the anticipated continued increase in student enrolments over the next few years. While such anticipated substantial increase in numbers must be looked upon in a positive light, there will be inevitable additional demands imposed on management, teaching staff and administrative staff. As we have heretofore experienced, the Board looks forward to the continued support from all members of staff and the patience of students and parents in meeting these demands.

The Board has continued to review the School’s admission policy to cater for such new student numbers. The Board is committed to keeping pressure on the Department of Education & Science to upgrade the School’s accommodation & facilities to allow the School continue to prosper. The Board has notified the Department of the very urgent need for additional accommodation and we have been offered accommodation for a 1,200 pupil school.

An second ASD unit has been granted for a class of 6 students. Funding is for temporary accommodation, furniture and extra staff.
A review of the posts of responsibilities was completed to meet the needs of the school

Extra Curricular activities and notable events

The school has a wide range of extra-curricular activities, sporting and non-sporting

Highlights of the year were…
a. Girls Basketball at all levels
b. YSI Awards
c. 5 K Run
d. Trip to Barcelona and Berlin
e. Sky Sports Living for sports Programme
f. Healthy Eating Week
g. Engagement in 1916 commemorations
h. Green school success and the very successful travel reduction programme.
i. Cycle Against Suicide and the Amber flag.
j. CEIST Leadership Team Success
k. A major Musical is planned for next week

Enrolment challenges

1. Catering for the second ASD class.
2. Enrolment will rise substantially in the next 10 years, requiring substantial extra accommodation and facilities.
3. Pastoral Needs are catered for through Meitheal and the Pastoral Care Team
4. Guidance hours lost due to Guidance cutbacks in the 2012 Budget.

Brief financial overview of financial position of school, highlighting any area of concern

The Board were satisfied with the schools healthy bank balance at the end of the school year in spite of some unexpected expenditure

Other relevant areas

• The school has an approx 99% Retention Rate, largely due to a very successful LCA Programme.
• Govt cutbacks have affected all areas such as timetable, staffing, grants, Posts of Responsibility etc.
• School Trips – Barcelona (TY), Germany, Wexford (Geography), and Dublin Mosque, National Museum, Ploughing Championships, School Retreat and numerous other smaller trips.
• School website with all the latest updates, booklist and CEIST values are at