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An Cuan Autism Classroom.

Colaiste Iosagain's Autism Classroom

The aim of An Cuan class is to provide a holistic learning and caring environment which facilitates students with autism to reach their full educational potential in line with the school’s Mission Statement.

An Cuan promotes an ethos of strengths led teaching concentrating on the abilities of each individual student. We recognise that all students have individual needs and therefore all teaching is differentiated to suit each student.

Students in An Cuan are full members of Coláiste Íosagáin school community and participate in all school activities with support provided to accommodate their sensory and emotional needs.

Integration of students into mainstream classes is decided on an individual basis and dependent on their Individual Educational Plan.

Above all, An Cuan is an open and welcoming classroom for all students, a safe place from which students can access the mainstream classroom.

Our primary focus is to concentrate on developing a student’s

* Communication Skills

* Daily Living Skills

*Emotional Skills

*Different Strategies used within the classroom


* AFLs – Assessment for Functional Living Skills

* Social Stories

* LEGO Serious Play

* Social Stories

* Visual Supports

* Behavioural Plans

* Task Analysis

* Modelling

* Social Skills Training

* Movement Breaks

  • Faded Prompting

*We offer a wide range of subjects and programmes

* IT

* Cooking Classes

* Horticulture

* Art

* Community Visits

* My FRIENDS Youth

* Pet Therapy

* Personal Care

*Junior Cycle Short Courses

*Middletown Centre for Autism*

In 2017, An Cuan hosted a series of workshops for parents and professionals in conjunction with Middletown Centre for Autism.

Workshops included

* Autism and the Transition to Adulthood

* Autism, Relationships and Sexuality Education

* Autism and the Promotion of Positive Behaviour

* Autism and Anxiety Management

* Autism and Sensory Processing

*Pet Therapy

An Cuan hosts regular pet therapy sessions provided by Foraoise Canince Academy. Not only do the students benefit from the therapeutic aspect of the dogs, they learn valuable communication and social skills working with the dogs and as part of a group.


Members of the An Cuan staff have trained to provide the My FRIENDS Youth Programme.

FRIENDS is resilience intervention proven to reduce anxiety and depression and promote positive mental health for children and young people. Based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), FRIENDS has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as the only evidence based programme effective in reducing anxiety as a universal and targeted intervention (WHO, 2004). FRIENDS has also been recommended by the UK Department of Education.

*Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are central to the promotion of daily living skills. Students learn to independently plan a meal. This involves shopping for ingredients, cooking and presenting the food and cleaning up afterwards. Teaching cooking encourages students to use vital communication skills. It also fosters confidence and self esteem. An Cuan recently hosted a coffee morning for tutors.

*Autism Awareness Month

As part of Autism Awareness Month, An Cuan is hosting a breakfast morning for all first year students. The aims of the initiative are to welcome all students into the An Cuan classroom, introduce the students to healthy eating and give them an understanding of what autism is. The Breakfast morning is sponsored by Glanmore Foods.

We are also hosting a coffee morning for parents and a wellbeing day for all students with autism. Tutor time will be used to educate all students and create more awareness of the strengths and challenges of students with autism.

*LEGO® Serious Play

LEGO® Serious Play is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique for use with organisations teams and individuals, which draws on extensive research from the fields of business, organisation development, psychology and learning and is based on the concept of ’hand knowledge.


Some of the very special guest visitors for Pet Therapy.


IMG_20180504_100651_Bokeh (1).jpg




Pictured below are some of the mouth watering treats baked for the An Cuan / Tutor Christmas Party .

cakes 2.bmp

cakes 1.bmp

*An Cuan Art Mural

The An Cuan Art mural created by the students of An Cuan and learning support under the guidance of Ms. K McCormack.


Art in An Cuan has promoted student's self esteem as well as allowing students to work on organisational skills and communication skills in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.


The elements of the mural incorporate all of the elements of teaching and learning in An Cuan, restorative cups of tea, pet therapy, Lego Serious Plau, photography, cooking and art.


Situated under the trees, it provides a quiet place for An Cuan students away from the busy environment of the school building.

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