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Leaving Certificate Applied Programme (LCA)

Leaving Certificate Applied Programme (LCA)


Leaving Certificate Applied programme

What is LCA?

The Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) Programme is a two-year Leaving Certificate programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life. The LCA focuses on areas of achievement and excellence which the traditional Leaving Cert does not recognise. The word Applied is used because the programme is designed to allow students to apply their experiential learning over the two years of the programme to practical educational tasks at school, in the workplace and in the wider community. LCA is a practical programme that makes wide use of active and student-centered learning methodologies. It sets out to acknowledge the talents of all students and it aims to provide opportunities for developing personal responsibility, self-esteem and knowledge. LCA helps students to apply what they learn to the real world, thus promoting self-directed learning.

The two-year programme consists of four half-year blocks called sessions. Achievement is credited in each session. Courses are offered in three main areas; Vocational Preparation, General Education and Vocational Education.

Why should you apply for the LCA Programme?

  • You prefer learning by doing and are motivated by continuous assessment.
  • You would enjoy participating in work experience to help you with your career choice.
  • You are not ready for college or university and would like to progress to a PLC first.
  • You have a good attendance record in order to meet the 90% attendance requirement of the programme.

How to apply for the course:

3rd year and TY students are invited to an Information Session Evening. The students are also encouraged to talk to current LCA students about their experiences of LCA. Interested students are asked to complete an online application form, after which the Co-ordination team will consult with the parents, students and teachers to ensure applicants' suitability for the programme. If necessary, interviews may follow, as places are limited.

The number of places is generally capped at 18 each year, although this is determined annually by school management, according to the needs and learning profiles of the students.

Numbers may be modified in order to accommodate the co-ordination of class time between LCA Years 1 and 2 on a needs basis each year.

What is different about LCA:

  • The Leaving Certificate is a single award based on credits accumulated over four sessions and in a final examination.
  • LCA uses a unique system of assessment. The students complete a range of in-school modules (31%), externally assessed task interviews (35%) and state exams (34%).
  • A candidate may accumulate a maximum of 200 credits, and they can achieve either a Pass (60-69%) Merit (70-84%) or Distinction (85-100%)
  • The students take part in 3 work experience placements over the course of the two years. Our students are encouraged to undertake a unique work experience for each session. This is to ensure both a varied exposure to the working world and a broader competency ability ahead of life after secondary school.
  • The seven tasks that students must complete bring together the different learning experiences that the students have acquired from the subjects they study.

What subjects are studied:

Our LCA students study a variety of subjects over the course of the two-year programme. These subjects include English and communications, Mathematical Applications, Gaeilge, Spanish, Art, Craft, Hotel Catering and Tourism, Physical Education, Information Technology, Engineering, Hair and Beauty, Social education, Vocational Preparation and Guidance, Religion, Leisure and Recreation, Childcare, Agriculture and Horticulture and Graphics and Construction.

The collage of pictures and student testimonials below provide a snapshot of life in LCA.

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